Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gain More Traffic And Visitor in Your Blog | Part 1 |

Salam. What am I about to share is not an order for you to obey, but at least you might want to think about it. Here is a tip for you to gain more visitors and traffic in your blog.

Tip 1 – Remove Mp3 player widget.

Actually, music player in a blog is not necessary. Most bloggers especially the freshies are akin to use music‘s widget because they think readers might like the music they picked (the same way I did when I first start blogging lol. )

Do you realize that not all people love your songs? For instance, you love Hindustan song but your readers are actually anti-Hindustan's songs. The song haters might easily get annoy and wouldn’t dare to stay any longer in your area. Pity them because they really like your blog, but they just cannot go with the songs.

In addition, there are some bloggers that do hate music. Bloggers like this are more likely to work in peace. They would feel more comfortable to read your entries without any nuisances.

Therefore, the best way to please you readers is just remove your mp3 player. Ops, don’t be mad at me. If you don’t want to remove it, you can have it another way to give pleasure to your readers by switching the auto player to a manual mp3 player ( click to see the tutorial ) . Is that okay with you now? Believe it or not, this tip will work for you if you want more visitor to come to your area. It is worthy to give a try.

A good blogger always serves their readers the best ( Nurul , 2010 )

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