Friday, January 22, 2010

Contest Baru Pulak!!

I have been keeping this picture for so long ago, and now its time for me to try some luck upon this contest that organized by I can see that there are lots of great contestants that bets their white black pictures, and most of them are really cool in photo editing.

I am not good in photo editing, but at least I know how to turn it to black and white picture la. So , I guess my chance to win this contest is very poor because there are lot more smarter blogger that have join this contest. Lets assume that this photo is just for fun then. I don't wanna put my high hope on winning any contest.

This photo of my friend and I has its own unique, that not anyone can see through the naked eyes. The location is at the top of the hill, and we were so young and cute at that moment. I know that you guys might playing with questions about what had my friend shouted to me with that kind of look, and why am I smiling?  But hey , its something that only pictures could tell ! It gives me an awesome memories, indeed. Eh, I remember this tragedy about the shoe that I was wearing up there. You know what had happen to that shoe? Hahaa..

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