Monday, January 04, 2010

Bloggers Meetup | Me & Aezlika |

Tee-hee. This is from my baby Olympus' lense.

A day out with Aez was fun and full of surprises. Usually, hanging out with a blind date never would make me feel easy but with her, I am not. Since we are always chatting and gossiping all night on the yahoo messenger, the bind of blogger friendship goes much easier the moment we met. I can say that I am bit curious to know about her interests, because I am afraid if some of my acts might be uneasy for her. But then, I thought it was okay overall. She is just as normal as me. She is not fussy but a simple and easygoing type of girl.

We have seen Sherlocks Holmes! Seriously, for me it was pretty dull. I was sleepy and tried to be awake, but Aez really enjoy it. I am bit regret for not choosing Chipmunks as what Aez has recommended me. ;( After all, we appreciated the precious moment with capturing some pictures. Hee hee.See you next time Aez, and for Aiman , next time no escape hah. ;)

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