Saturday, December 12, 2009

Your Bestfriend Is Somebody's Wife!

Things got much different when your best friend is already married. You hope that the binding will always still be strong but now that she is married, you can’t get so closed with her anymore. The boundary is getting bigger now, and the binding gets to lose.

You typed a SMS, and tried to send her a cute SMS just like before, but then you tend to delete the text before you manage to click send button. Why? Because you know that now she is somebody’s wife and you understand that she has a lot more things to handle after the marriage.

"She must have been busy with her new life with her husband, family in law, house chores, and maybe big belly now. "

You find it hard to contact her and the loneliness falls on you. You regret so much on the wasted time along the relationship. If only you knew things will get like this, you would never take your friend for granted. If you can turns back times, you rather sacrifice on everything to be with her to enjoy life, to see and touch the rainbow after the rain.

Let her go. Let her go to find her own happiness with her new life. *sigh*


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