Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wedding Ceremony Of A Blind Man & Albinos

Today, I have attended a wedding ceremony of my long lost scandals at Bandar Baru Sentul. I don’t know if he might ever remember me, because we had studied together for UPSR examination and we were so closed at that moment. However, after UPSR ended, we went far from each other and got lost contact.

On 2008, I remember that my mom told me that Boboy has becomes blind after he had an eyes disease which involves the disconnection of eye's nerves. From a normal teenager, he becomes a handicap man. I heard that he was angry for what had happen to him and he rebelled because of the blindness which also makes him rejected to further his study. Lucky for him that his mother have the attentiveness to send him to Pusat Latihan Perindustrian Dan Pemulihan (PLPP) to have better future for a handicapped person. Later, he had fall in love with this beautiful albino girl who was also study at the same place with him. And to my surprise, he is marrying the girl today!

As I eat the delicious meals just now, I glanced to Boboy and his wife, and they seem so cool on the pelamin. After finished my meal, I went near to their dine table to have a close look of Boboy and his albino’s wife. Wow, Boboy is weighting, and what a beautiful wife he has got. I wanted to approach Boboy and ask him whether he remember me or not, but I’m so doubtful because he can’t see me anyway? But, its ok…Ka-ching! Here is a picture of them.

 Wish you have a great life guys! 
Bila la hidup aku nak bahagia ni.


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