Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Spit On Your Mother Face!

I spat at my mothers face. Have you ever done anything like that?She made me angry by not shouting and disturbing me when I’m asleep. she has no respect for someone sleeping and sits on a chair next to my room rambling on the phone everyday when im trying to sleep even when i ask her to stop .. Then i finally snapped did she deserve it? She has more respect for the sleeping now.”

I did my usual Google job to find anything about word spit and found this. I believe this guy is so not civilized at all. Spitting on his own mother’s face is kind of normal to him. I think if I do the same way as he did, I am sure I am in hell right now.

We all know that disrespecting parents is a big sin. From my point of view, the culture of people from the west is far way contras with ours. People from the west normally will set their teenagers to be free at age of 13-19 years old or maybe younger than that.

 In that age, they assumed that their teenagers have transform to be and adult which they can choose and manage their own path of life. Of cause, they are more open to let their child involved with cigarette, drink alcohol, having legal sexual relation, marrying and etcetera. Perhaps, that’s why most teenagers from the west gets more bold to fight against their parent as they think their already grown enough.

Spitting on your mother never will make you look cool, dude. Think of what your mother have ever gave you along your life as her child. Even if your mother scolds you like hell, don’t you ever disrespect her and give such a spit on her. Very bad bad boy!

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