Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Sad News About The House Burn at Jelebu, And The Lost Of Two Men In Rantau Abang.They are our friends.Alfatihah.

This is under my prediction.  I was doing my usual job by scanning the news paper early Sunday morning and my eyes stop at page 3, Utusan Melayu. I didn’t read the whole story but I only have time to see the picture and gave a glanced to the caption.

Anggota bomba dan penyelamat berusaha memadamkan kebakaran yang berlaku selepas sebuah lori tangki minyak merempuh sebuah rumah di Kampung Batu Ulu Klawang, Jelebu, semalam. Read more

“House burns tragedy is always occur, hurm pity them…” I putted away the newspaper with my poker face and continue to focus on the TV. It was just ordinary news, I guess.

In the late afternoon, I have got emergency call from Ery. “Weh, rumah Aboy terbakar, adik dia dua orang terbunuh dalam tragedy tu. Ko tak baca paper hari ni ke?Kawan sekolah kita.”

I was stunned and I got numbed for a few second. I tried to recall the news I have read early this morning. O.M.G. This is a coincidence, and the news is actually about a friend of mine. A schoolmate , from SMK Teknik Kuala Klawang.

Just now, my sister came downstairs crying. She had just read the latest news from Utusan Online about the death of her friend’s father and his son-in-law who were drowned while bathing at the beach in, Rantau Abang.

Percutian lima sekeluarga dari Johor di Terengganu bertukar tragedi apabila seorang lelaki dan menantunya mati lemas ketika mandi di pantai Rantau Abang, Dungun hari ini.Read more.

Both tragedy that had happen are related to me and my sister's friend. I feel sympathy for the lost.Yesterday my friend has lost a house, and two siblings in a blink of time. And today, my sister’s friend has lost her father and her husband. Innalillah, we come from Allah, and from Allah we return. Al-fatihah.

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