Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nuffnang Earning Is Waiting To Cash Out!

Ok, I am so not really excited to make an entry about my first nuffnang earning. If only I knew this thing will work, Im sure this would be my 5th time cashing out money from nuffnang lol. However, my consciousness on this emerged a month ago when everybody starts clicking ads like crazy.  Looking that my earning is now increasing, i would like to thank you guys that have been crazily blogwalks and clicks my ads sincerely. For those who play cheats, I will send you a lorry of flees to destroy your hair, so beware. Anyways, 72 Ringgit is still not enough for me because I have plan to buy something that probably cost RM300. Really need your suggestion whether I should cash it now or later? ;) Now or Later? , Now or Later?, Now or Later?.

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