Friday, December 11, 2009

Men From East Malaysia VS Men From West Malaysia

Have you heard that men from East Malaysia are more attractive than men from West Malaysia? Do you agree with that statement? Looks, I am pretty sure that Remy is jumping for joy now.

Yes I have been at Sarawak for a vacation before. I remember that the moment I reached at the airport , my eyes became wild out of a sudden because I was madly searching for handsome guys. I remember that a  friend of mine has told me this,

"Kau jangan lupa tengok orang Sarawak ni banyak yang hensem-hensem."

Well it seems to me that, most of Sarawakians have fair skin, cloudy eyes, tall, and most of them owned natural Chinese look. But the weird part is, I find it hards to tell the difference between Muslims or non Muslims as their faces are almost like have been photostated.

Some friends have told me that I should apply posted to Sarawak or Sabah , because the government is giving extra allowance for teachers who teaching in the rural area .Despite of that, a lot of handsome guys are awaits. I am like, why not? "Its much like sambil menyelam minum air".

So, is it true that there are no other handsome men left among the people of West Malaysia? Is it necessary for me to fly across the hills and seas to seeks after a Chinese look guy with sepet eyes? Or should I just ask Remy to find one for me.

Remy, I am in dilemma.

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