Monday, December 07, 2009

Kedai Mamak @ Kedai Melayu ?

Pardon me if this entry might gives you buzzing face because I am gonna tell you how much that I hate foods from mamak stall. People always stop and hang around mamak stall because their services aren’t poor as malay stall. Mamak stall will never let you down by serving you astro channel, water spray fan, romantic orange light, and big spicy fried chicken too. But what about malay stall which best to call kedai kopi?

Some people might hate kedai kopi, because of its physical looks. It looks poor, the menu list is always lame, and the place is much like long time being abandoned. I know that malay franchise cannot stand in line with mamak stall, but still I rather choose malay stall rather than mamak stall.

There are some reasons why I hate mamak stall :

They sweat a lot. I mean a lot. Yes, they are flooded with sweat.
Have you ever seen mamak dispersed roti canai before? Can you tell the way they look, do they look tidy, and do they shave their mustache and all hairs that should be shaven? I don’t care how they look, but I really can’t stand with the hair thingy. For me, too many hairs will spoil the cook.

They like to throw a bunch of spices in every kind of menu and they like to burn my food too.
Since I like char kuey teow so much, it is a must for me to have it like I always do. So, I have once compared the taste of typical char kuey Teow between mamak and malay stall. Yeah it’s far different. Mamak recipes got too much spices and that’s make me lost my appetites. And sometimes, what I hate most is when I always got served with a burnt food.

The stall always crowd and I feel like in sardine can.
We supposed to like a crowded stall because they said that a stall like this always serves you best with fresh materials. Yes, I have to admit it. But for me, I don’t like crowded places. Plus if the stall provided with shi-sha service, my head definitely comes to dizzy as the noises, smokes, and smells of shi-sha just killin me.

They just don’t understand malay language or they might just pretending.
It is so sad. I experienced it before. I had ordered my ice blended drink in one of mamak stall in KL area. The waiter came to me not twice, but almost 5 times only to change my wrong drink that he brought to me. I finally open my heart by accepted the last drink he brought to me and the drink of cause not a blended ice.

Now you know why I hate mamak stall. ;)


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