Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Will Be At Central Market Today, How About You?

It has been long times never go to Central Market and I almost forgot the way to go that place. Feeling doubt and afraid to get lost in my own city, so I asked my cousin to accompany me. I don’t know whether she is coming with me or not, but she has given me direction to go to CM. She said that I have to take Putra Lrt to go Masjid Jamek, and from Masjid Jamek I will be straight to Central Market.

Hopefully I can meet somebody there to hang around for this lovely Saturday. I have planned to meet Lumut , because I know she is going back to Auckland within the nearest time. Feeling happy to meet Secret Drifter too, but I still don’t know when the exact time to meet him as I have to go Central Market a bit early.

As far that Im concern, Lumut told me that there will be PUISI event that will be held at Central Market at 4.30 pm. I am not so into that event, but I will try my best to be there.

Those blogger who feels free today, come join me at Central Market and together we can have a warm chat. I am so eager to meet Aezlika at first, but she cant make it up because she has tons of assignments that need to be done.Its okay dear, maybe next time. ;) And for those who wants to join, do you see me yellow messenger button on my right sidebar? Just click it.

Editted by Si Lampu Neon : Click here to see the pictures of memories, its nice to meet you guys.


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