Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Am Ashamed To Read Quran!

Why must people be ashamed to read Quran?

I am neither a pious nor a scholar girl that expert to talk about religious things. I just wanted to share with you regarding Muslims that feel embarrass reciting our holy of Quran.

I believe that some of us might feel ashamed to read Quran because you have leaved it for a long time and you seem to forget how to recite it in proper recitation. We should not be ashamed to recite Quran although we feel that we might read or spell it wrongly.

Are you feeling scared or unsecured to read the Quran because you afraid that people might hear you and laugh at you. Deep inside your heart, you want to read it but you still feel doubt and anxious as you don’t want people to hear that you are reciting Quran with wrong pronunciation and spelling.

This reminds me when I was 16 year old and staying in school hostel. I was ignorant and felt shy to read Quran. However, I continue to have awareness when I saw my senior reciting Quran before and after they did their prayer. After that, I began to start read Quran slowly, alone in surau after prayer. Time after time, I managed to overcome the shyness to read Quran.

For those who feel like want to change, I suggest you to start read Quran for at least a sentence a day. A sentence a day never will harm you at all. It’s like an exercise for those who still feel ashamed to read Quran. From a sentence, will become a verse, from verse becomes paragraph, from a paragraph becomes a page, and from a page why not becomes pages?

Believe it or not, there are people who only start read Quran at age of 40 years old. I supposed that, these chosen people are lucky because God have given a chance for them to live and repent.  So what about you? Are you going to wait until that age to start read Quran? Remember, we can’t forecast the death.

Quran is the best drug to calm your restless heart, indeed.


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