Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Girls Beg Upon Boys, What A Shame!

Let’s say, there’s a couple who were just after broke up. Like always, the boy will lives with his ego and had promised to himself for not having any contact with his ex. Weather he still loves the girl or not, it is a rules for him to not turns back after asking a girl for “break up”. He actually feels guilty and sorry for the “break up” word that he had said to his soul mate because it was all about emotional reasons. In the silent of the night, he was thinking to approach the girl back because without that girl, he feels like living in pains, but the ego is too strong like tsunami which makes him to just ignores the things he just thought.

On the other site of it, this girl was hoping to have the boy back into her life. She could only pray days and night so that the boy wills crawl back to her like always. But after sometimes, things just not turn out as what she wished for. Worst of all, she feels doubt to approach that boy back and it makes her superior suffer.

In reality, both of them are living in suffer like an idiot because they have done nothing to fix the broken bind. So at last, this girl has consideration to approach the boy even she feels like an idiot. But she doubt that is it all right for a girl to beg upon guy? It is a huge deal over here, and she doesnt want people to admit her like “perigi cari timba la”.

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