Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Break Up Is Painful.

 Its about breaking up, and I’m thinking of things that I should or should not do.

  • Talk bad things and spread rumors about you ex to your friends. People who are after break up seems to take out the entire bad story of his/her late partner and tell people about it. Why, and what is that for. If only you want to release your stress after breaking up, why must you tell people about someone you have loved and obsess before? You supposed to be grateful to have and felt the experience of loving your partner even if the relationship has failed.
  • Cry like a river. I know most girls will cry after break up. Yes, we will cry. But I suggest don’t cry like a river like it never ending. You can take your time to cry, but don’t take it so long because people might irritates with you. Crying for so long will just make you look weaker. Plus, you don’t want your health affected with this break up thingy. Wipe your tears and start to do beneficial things as jungle tracking and sleeping.
  • Please do not regret of what you have got from the unsuccessful relationship. Break up happens with various reasons. Maybe it’s about time that you guys no longer understand each other and being close just making your relation get worse. Sometimes, the closest you are with your partner, would only gives you password to fights. With breaking up, you guys learn to be independent and despite of that you can avoid from arguing because you are far far way from the one you love. 
  • Don’t throw away all the stuff that he/she has given to you. It is something that you must keep, because it may give you a lot of sweet memories even if it hurts when you look at it. So, the best way to sooth your heart after break up is just keep the stuff from your view. Keep it in the box and put away in the store and don’t forget to let the store stay locked. If you keep thinking about the stuff, please just get rid of the store key and let it stays missing.
  • Change your phone number. I know, breaking up is not an easy thing to face. Most people will on an on texting and calling their ex to beg and cry for more. That is so humiliating and will only make your ex more hate you as she/he might feels being disturbed by your actions. You don’t want your ex to hate you, so please stop interfere his/her life after break up. Change your phone number, delete your ex number and just stay way in favor of not making worse thing.
  • The rest is, relax and make Quran as your bestfriend. Pray to God, and believe that God will always there to help you. I believe that when I lost someone that I love, God is giving me a task and He is testing me, He want to know how far that I can cope with the challenges in life. And I do trust that God has prepared and placed for me someone who is better for me in the future.

Because I, believe.


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