Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Boys can eat, Girls can cook.

Girls are synonym with cooks and recipes. During ancient time, people have declared that girls are meant to be in the kitchen also known as kitchen slaves. Apparently, in this advance planet there aren’t girls that like to be in kitchen either they self cook or they help their parents to cook.

I am a girl who loves to try new recipes but I am hardly like to be in the kitchen. Love cooking doesn’t mean that I can serve delicious meal. Occasionally, no ones dare to eat what I cook. Perhaps its taste sucks, but hey I’m in stage of learning right?

Shame on me, in this 22 years living I can only cook standard dishes as asam pedas, curry , kurma , tomyam, and those fried meals. I wish I have skills on preparing heavy meals like nasi ayam , rendang , and nasi beriyani gam.

I remember one of my lecturers had said that girls should know how to cook at least 20 recipes especially for those girls who are getting married. Imagined that you are married, of cause you have to cook daily to save your budget. For sure, it is awful to cook the same menu to feed your husband and kids. The major fear is you would not like if your husband to get boring with menus that you’ve serves and end up to eat at mamak stall.

So girls, how many recipes have you masters? 10, 5, 1 or none? Ouch. Big shame for those girls who don’t even know how to cook rice or plain water!

P/S : See here , to see neo in the kitchen.


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