Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beauty Armpits Yall.

Choose 1 to 5 to wax your bikini line. Geehee lucah lucah.

You love beauty armpits? Yes girls love to have beauty armpits, and we will never leave our armpits like jungle as you boys always do. I'm not sure whether there are girls who like to keep their under arm’s hair because most girls like to look clean and tidy. Having shrubs under our arms will always make a girl looks like a beast. Agree?

Starting with typical razor, I have switched to a hair removal cream product. But the cream wasn’t help me much because it’s a sticky job that needs you to put on the cream, and wait several minutes before you can wash it. All I can tell you that this product is nothing but worthless.

Enough with that sticky job, I have changed my interest to a battery operated shaver and I fall in love into it. I dare to say that using shaver is far more effective than hair removal cream. Year 2008, I have bought my first pink color lady shaver from Watson which had cost me only RM29.90.

I can’t remember how many times I made loves with my lady shaver as she helped me a lot. I thought it was the fastest solution to get rid of my underarm’s hair but things got to worst when my underarm turned suddenly darken , which have leads me to figure for another solution.

Guess what? I am into a wax product now and yeah I know it sounds funny. I have tested it yesterday and it gave me such a pain in the ass for the first time. But hey, I kind of like it especially when I see lots of hairs stuck into the strips right after I pulled it with my super power girl strength. And it’s a joy when I feel my underarms much smoother and lighter now.

P/s : Oh ketiak mulus saya suka, suka hati.

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