Monday, August 31, 2009

Permainan Spirit Of The Coins.

Have you ever play or heard about any of spirit’s game? Spirit of the coin, spirit of the glass or whatever game that required you to worship the ghost spirits? Have you try it before?
(aku pernah main weh mase kat BBGS dulu2 time zaman jahiliah. tobat takmau main lagi)

Ok, without any further please let me start. The spirits game is a game which required a coin / glass / chain / pen or anything as an object to worship. The object would be place in the center of a medium size of cardboard that contains numbers, letters, and the word of yes, no and goodbye. The players would have to put their finger on top of the coin, and set the prayer until the spirit or ghost come and play with them. If you’re lucky, the ghost would appear, but if not it would be waste of time.

Here how the prayer will sounds like:

"Spirit spirit of the coin,
Come here and join us.
Spirit spirit of the coin,
Come here we need you.
Spirit spirit of the coin,
Come to me!"

Seriously, you have to be very bold to play this game. There are 5 main rules of playing spirits game which are:

  1. Pray the ghost's spirit to come.
  2. Do not make the ghost mad.
  3. Do not lift finger up while playing.
  4. Ask any question to the ghost and keep the ghost on the game.
  5. Sent the ghost back to their own place.

You can’t play with the rules. The main rule is do not ever lift up your finger if you are still on the game, if not the spirits / the ghosts will not ever return to their home but will haunt you forever.

It’s still fresh in my mind that my friends and I were very bold to play this game during school periods. I assumed that God will forgive me for playing that sin’s game because at that moment I was quit ignorant.*ha- ha*. I was really bored at that time, and I stay put at my table. My class was really noisy as the teacher came up late. So, my friend came and asked me to play a game – here to mention that she is not Muslim. With a sudden, she drew a spirit board and took out a coin. “Let’s play spirit of the coin”, she jerked. I was like yeah, why not. It’s a bright day outside anyway =) we gathered about 7 people to join us, and started to worship the coin. We prayed and waited for the ghost to come until our fingers got tired but nothing came up. See, what a waste of time. I guess it just not our lucky day.

Nowadays, I always heard that there are always cases of people get hunted by a ghost for playing spirits game. My cousin also had her own experience of playing the game as she the only one who gets hunted. After the play, she gets hysteria which had made everyone around her pretty terrified. She even dropped her high school because of lost attention of her studies. If people get near her to talk, she would talked in a very bizarre way never you could imagine. As she talked, she likely to played with her hair, and giggled and wiggled as if she is a baby. However, her family had sent her to the traditional doctor which we usually call, bomoh. Her family had tried so many ways to get her fixed from the sickness and at last she totally recovered from the diseased after 3 years been hunted. SO SCARY.

Sometimes, it would get you bad consequences if you join this Satanism game. So girls and boys DO NOT PLAY SPIRITS GAME!! Exploring by books would be good enough to satisfy the curiosity instead of trying things that could harm you.

_Just for you to see..How people play the spirits game_

p/s : Ops, no merdeka entry in this blog? Bohsan la..I just wanna sleep. Semangat merdeka akan ku tunjukkan dengan mengibarkan bendera Malaysia sambil melaungkan MERDEKA3x dalam mimpiku yang diulit indah bersama putera bunian yang paling handsome di alam semesta!

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