Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ohuh,American soldiers!

The Wounded American Soldiers

STOP THE WAR! Let’s pray for serenity, tranquility, and harmony for the whole universe. These pictures clearly show that how horrific war can cause soldiers. If you are patriotism enough, then you will never regret of losing your hand, legs, or half of your body or even your live for the sake of your country. This entry doesn’t mean that I’m supporting the American Soldier, but it’ll just show you the real life of the American soldier that had been wounded from wars. Whether it’s you like me to reveal it or not, these pictures are real.

Hear me shout: Accused a nation of having nuclear weapons, creating conflicts and there goes the long distance missile launched!! That’s the American ways. Dear, America – Bush – Barrack Obama, please stop shitting in the whole universe. Please stop! People are enough dying out there and you are all to blame! #$%^&*. God oh God, please send to the people that lead to the wars “Tsunami”!!

Take a look at the statistic on the left, the case of soldiers suicides already occurred since Clinton's years. From my point of view, maybe the president of America takes that their soldier's life as an ant. One down, millions more standby. That is why they just shut their eyes and ears for this kinda case.

When will this war stop? I’m pretty sure it has reaches millions of people death. Either innocent or guilty people, everyone is dying. Through the webs I read, it’s stated that American soldiers are regularly committed to suicide throughout the war. Each year, US have to recruits more and more soldiers as they faced pretty much lost. (Sad to mention, the lost of Iraqis and Afghans are more enormous).

FYI, since the wars begin, soldiers that killed their selves are increased. From recourses I’d made, wars have contributed a stress disorders, depression, alcohol abuse, and family problem among the soldiers. Therefore, in every year there are always suicides happened.

Now take a look at the latest statistic. Suicides can happen during the war, and its happen too when the soldiers return to their home. Its clear that depression leads to suicides.

I guess, it’s a doom being an American’s soldier because life is too beautiful for you to end up early. Huhu. Just think about it. Living in a peaceful country like Malaysia, we should be grateful we are not living in a war.

Ikhlas dari kepala ke lutut, neo si lampu neon.

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