Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wow!! My nuffnang earnings!

Hoh, Wow! I cant believe it. Atlast my nuff earning is getting somewhere. *Cheers* =)

Haha, dont be such a fool. I had just started my nuffnangs about a week. So glad, the number are no longer zero.
Look at those stats. I wish i could maintain this, but i definitely cant. Getting so busy right now.
This is the best part of nuff. I like to see the keywords referral. People do come here to seek info about a post like Jilat punggung , Isu belasah awek, Teh cirit, Bela toyol, Kenapa perempuan curang. I do hope that my blog can be one of a useful website for others. Thank you for all visitors, comers, and bloggers and stalkers. Lai lai, lai. Youre most welcome here.

Ikhlas dari kepala ke lutut, neo si lampu neon.

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