Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dilemma of Pimples Popper [Pop It Out]

"Sayalah pemicit jerawat yang tegar! Sedap tak pantun jerawat saya?"
Pop it out!

" Dear pimples on my face,
Please don't come out.
You always appear and give me ache,
All i can do is burst you out. "

" Blackheads, oh blackheads.
I wish you to disappear.
Please go away dear blackhead.
Then i shall leave in pleasure. "

Now tell me, how many are you guys out there, love popping out ur pimples? Dare to be truth? Im one of it. The pimples poppers lover! L.O.L! Come on poppers lovers, are you with me? Raise up your hands!-not the mini poppers lover okay?-

It is extremely tempting for me if i do see any white heads or any acne on my face. U know , when the pimple goes extra-ordinary swell, i kinda like to see and touch it. Touch it..he-ee. I know i shouldn't be duin that, but i dont know, it just hypnotizing!.I cant leave the pimples alone.Feeling so-oo uneasy to see it still there at the same spot whereas i can see it everyday especially when i look into the mirror. I love to get rid of it ,manually by popping it out my self even i know it'll leave my face scars. Like i cares?The temptation is killin me! Argh!.

I start to have pimples when I was in secondary school. Yes, i was excited to have one when it hits me on the first time! Its sounds stupid but its true. I can see how my younger brother felt the same way as me when he got one too. U can lough, say that we are silly but its happened. I guess excitement do comes when puberty happened?LOL!

I know my face well. Im not having a serious kinda pimples problem because pimples that do come and go are quit a few.The whiteheads rarely come out, and im not having any acne popping on my face. But seriously, my skin commonly produces blackheads. Usually, the zits love to attack my forehead, and some times it pop out on my nose and below lips area. Owh, i cant tell you how much i hate it!Having a pimples around nose and below lips area are most painful thing i must face for every single month.

The stubborn blackheads arent easy to pull out unless you really know how to tackle it. I tries like forever to pull the blackheads out of my skin, but it end up to be aching.It will leaves me not only swellness, but hideous scar too - which i had it cover with my concealer ofcourse. But on top of that, i felt so relieved after i pulled the black piece out of my skin. *Lega seh* . The funny part is, sometimes when i started to do the "poppers job", I always kantoi with my eldest sister.She will shout out letting my mother to know that im doing that dirty job. Yes, my mother would scold me afterwards. Ha - ha.

I did a little bit of studies about how pimples are basically formed. Basically, there are sebaceous glands underneath our skin that gives protection to the hairs. Sebaceous glands will produce an oily liquids that called sebum. Sometimes, sebaceous glands secretes extra sebum (oily liquids), that made the glands goes swell. The clogging of hair follicle on our face blocks the sebum from comes out and stays as pimples.

On top of everything that we do to prevent pimples , i think we better start to prevent it before it reaches out of the skin surface. Moral of the story, always set your oil glands on low. But how eh? How to keep the oil glands on low?There are few steps, don't you worry.
1st - Clean your face two or three times daily
2nd - Continue using the product that suits you best
3rd - Have shower in a tepid water instead of hot water/cold water
4th - Do not use the cleanser that allows dry skin
5th - Use moisturizers and sunblock that's oil free
6th - Find pharmacist that can recommend you drugs to reduce production of your oil glands
7th - Avoid yourself from oily food, too much heat.
8th - Always keep your oily skin clear!

Here is a cartoon video of how a teenager started to have pimples, and how he tried to remedy it.
No extra oil glands, no pimples baby!

P/s : picitlah jerawat anda macam saya. muka saya buruk sudah!Muka saya yang buruk.

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