Saturday, May 30, 2009

Grandfathers [The Greatest]

Name : Haji Ahmad bin Othman
Age : 84 y.o
Birthplace : Malacca
Relationship : Atukku sayang
Status : In Hospital (HUKM) since 23 May 2009 - 3 June 2009

3 weeks of holiday are already started. I know I did mention for going to Wazi’s house at Mantau Indah to spend time with her as her last bachelor party. Unfortunately, it all comes to angan-angan only. How sad, i had to cancel the wedding invitation, the plan for me to be her bridesmaid surely not gonna happen and she surely has to find someone else that suit to be besides her, on her wedding day which is on today!
"Happy wedding day wazi, semoga berbahagia dengan jejaka pilihan mu, semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat mu"
I can’t make it to be at her very event because; my lovely grandpa was back in HUKM for custody. It has been a week now my grandpa stayed at the ward. Doctor said that my atuk had lost too many blood, but they still in process to identify which part of the body the blood come out from. Doctor advised that my grandpa could only take 800ml water per day, since the water level in his body is above the limit. The saddest news is, we were informed that, my grandpa has a cancer disease. It might be in critical phase, and not much can be done anymore to cure the cancer from spreading.
In situation like this, of course it’s not really nice for me to go out hang around with friends; meanwhile my grandpa is badly sick. I had to cancel my meeting with V to. I supposedly go to the wedding day with him. But, I should forget it for now.
Since we lost our nenek, atuk had been staying with my family. As the closest family to atuk, we feel responsible to keep our eyes on him everyday. Currently, we go to hospital at early morning to bring him some breakfast, and then stay at his bed from day to night until he fall asleep. Later then, my brother would accompany him at ward during night till subuh.
I am proud of my atuk because he is mentally, physically, emotionally a strong man. At his age of 84y.o, he still tries to walks even though his two legs are in pain. By using a frame stick, he could afford to walks but very-very slow. I feel pretty sad when seeing him walks, because at every step that he made, he exclaimed for pain. We had advised him to use the wheelchair, but he refused to. He believed that using wheelchair could make him lost the ability to walk again. I remember the Benggali doctor said to a patient: Look at that uncle, his age is 84, he still has the spirit to walk, even it’s hard for him to do so. I hope u can follow like this uncle.We smiled to atuk, gave him our thumbs up. And atuk smiled proudly.
I could just pray that; “Semoga Allah dapat kurangkan kesakitan yang atuk alami, semoga atuk cepat sembuh, semoga pemergian atuk dipermudahkan Allah, semoga amal ibadatnya diterima, semoga dosa-dosanya diampunkan, semoga atuk ditempatkan di syurga dan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman”
We love you
We need you
We miss you

P/s : Im so not in the mood of joy. I want to be near him, always…Im not at home at all time ok.

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