Thursday, December 10, 2009

Terapi Pasir Untuk Kanak Kanak Berkeperluan Khas.

Wanna see how excited we were in sand therapy class? believe it or not, we played as if we were kids. Everyone get their own partner for this activity. And as usual, my partner was A.B.U. Each group were given a box of sand and a task . The task required us to build any thing on the sand based on our own creative ideas.

My partner and i built an island called " Cinta Antara Benua ". Its about a love story between a mermaid and a prince who leave in separated island. Lol, it was a silly kinda idea.But i like it!*see the pic*

I bet this is the greatest semester we will have. We learn nutting much in the classroom and a lot of outdoor activities coming up for us. Those activities are : Spa Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Games Therapy, and etcetera.

Oh ya, we are also start working on our garden project. I will be updating pictures of my crop soon. =) You'll be amazed. I'm waiting for my bean's plant to grow up. Oh baby, i can't wait for you to intertwine on the rope! *cheers ^.^*

Sticky note : insan yang dibulatkan di gambar bawah. sila tuntut hadiah anda di pusat OKU Tasputra. anda memenangi hadiah "insan paling excited" *sungguh candid*

Gambar Terapi Pasir
Note to remember : Alan was aimed by cik mes for fooling on everybody's presentation. and kakzu, y u took away the mat from us? lol. Love yall.

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