Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yellow fellow

Hell-lo ~ Yell-ow my dear Fell~ows .
I have been busy watching PRISON BREAK about this 2 weeks. Got a lot more episodes to catch up because i haven't finished the third season yet.You know, i didn't have much time to see this movies before, cause busy with the assignments, studies and so on. I don't have to attached my self in front of the TV, coz my sister had downloaded the forth season of Prison Break. I cant wait to see the ending.
Urgh, i can feel the wave of school fever now. I will start my new semester on 2nd of January 2009. I know that i will got so much works waiting for me for the new sem. Less study in the classroom, but more on practical site. No more play - play, huh! You've gotta be a real teacher from now. So start acting like one. * trying to motivate my self, but it didn't works at all. *
OOh, im so broke right now. This situation keeps me at home as i don't have any money to leisures off . I cant buy any new stuff to wear or use for this new sem. Have to wait for the allowance on this February, maybe.

Okais, will write back soon. Buh bye.


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