Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mijat The Quantum Of Solace |Part 1|

I am feeling so glad when i heard that my little bro~ got 5 As for his UPSR . Its kinda melancholy when i flash back at the time that he was struggling with his studies. A lot of exercises and tuitions he ought to attended until he got immune with it. What i like most about him, he never expressed out his fagged feelings towards his responsibility of studying. I always watch him out by nagging him around, and my mother had her own strategy by letting him involved in football as a way to reinforced him to study. My eldest brother and sister also have done their best by helping him out through all the homeworks. Sometimes he got beaten up by Along , Angah and also me for not performing well in his homeworks. Pity on him. Haha.

Today he went to school with a big hope that he would get straight A's. Even though we were sure enough that he will got it all straight, we could feel the palpitation . The person who had got anxious the most is my mother. Yeah , I knew why. She was the only person thats tried out her best to give the best education for my brother. As a prove, you can see my mother's effort by signed Mijat ups for days and nights tuitions , plus a special home tuitions on weekends. And for that, of course she had high expectations on Mijat.

Right after he get back from school just now, he told me that he was taken aback and got shivered out when his name was second name to be called out for the 5A's students. I told him that i knew that he would get straight A's. I did gave him hugs and kisses . Thats the only present that i could gave him for that moment. =) Well , I guess it looks like all the sacrifices that he work out were paid off as a sweet success as a return.

And now i am searching for the perfect present to give him.Any suggestion?My mind is like non - stop thinking and wondering what should I give him as a treats. I have got a list of it, and not quite sure which one to choose . A PSP? A cheap Mobile Phone? An expensive wristwatch? Or just spends RM200 go out shopping with him ? LALALA!


Oh, here are some pictures of Mijat ( Emmeir Eizzat) my lovely little brother =)

* i love him so muchhha *

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