Tuesday, November 25, 2008

4 days more to my 21st "Busted Day"

A short post for today.Peace!!

Assalamualaikum..i am feeling a bit tired and fed up of working as a cashier. I'm counting up till 30 November to resign. =) Feel shock bout this news? A job for a cashier is so damned tiring. I just cant get my self easy for this job. Especially when it comes to those damned fussy customers. My hand feels shivers and my blood boils up whenever there were particular customers make me mad at the counter . If i could just hand them, i would do that.Huargh!

Anyways, I was just relieving my sad story at someone which I could call a very very good friend. I was down in the dumps with this problem that i kept a long time ago. Once I shout it out, it feels like * lega as after berak *. I dont know what I should do without any good advices from her. Its all in my mind right now, thinking of making one step closer to become a better person. But i guess it is very hard to make a decisions. You have to sacrifice a lot if you want to gain the sweetness in life. I have to believe now that whatever i can do or dream, i have to begin it. Enough said.

Well, I am planning to go to Pertama today. Got to renew my license. Since it been death for 6 month already, my mom kinda give me a great wave of warning every time i held the car keys. Cess! So, it will be a loner walk for today. I don't want to be disturb by anybody so I'm going out alone. Maybe I will go to Time Square for a drop. Checking up hows my Olivia is working up. She's been there for more than two weeks. "The guy" said that Olivia will be ready for 5 days, buts hecks! Its almost 3 weeks now!Looks like im gonna bite someone head off!


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