Monday, October 20, 2008

Zero means silence

starring >> Log in.
>> ...(*o*) blurry...

Im here blogging again.
some folks try to search for me along this silence.
they wondering where the heck ive been.
i was silence blogging.
thats it.
walking trough others bloggers without leaving any signs.
sorry for that guys.
its just that i have nothing to shared.
so nothing to post.
nothing to show off.
New commitment comes.
The burdens make me quite slow for blogging.
sorry again.

before i leave,
theres some good news to shout out.
. my lappy just came out from ICU,
. i bought new headphone that suits for me,
. my love story begin to blooms again,
. my love grandpa just recovered from his bad highly fever,
. i love my new business.
. hehe .



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