Saturday, February 05, 2011

Cara Buat Pai Ayam (Chicken Pie) !

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Jom Buat ! Cara Buat pai Ayam Sedap = )
today like usual, i get boring to death . lucky me because i bought my mp3.
some of my friends conferred to skipped class for today. if i only i knew they wouldn't came, i am sure i wouldn't be here too!. this week should be a study week for our batch. but i don't know why classes are still on.the pics above just to show yall how bored i am just now. i just came to fulfill the attendance, the rest of it..i put my mind away from anything. that means, i came with empty mind. maybe this is a symptoms of school holiday fever i guess. hehe. the way, i made my own chicken pie last 2 days ago. not too late to post this entry right?i named my chicken pie with a name : " neochiki hotpie " . cute name right? as cute as the hands of the creator..I also uploaded some pictures so anyone who interested to try out the recipe, yall can have a go. ohh, i can guaranteed you that my "neochiki hotpie" tasted very good. as a prove, you can see my grandfather shows his thumb up immediately after tasting my pie. *big grin*

the ingredients : blended meat, mixed vege, onions & garlic , pepper, mushrooms, aluminuim foil :pom:plate, and a tin of chickep soup cream .:pom:

follow the steps, and you'll success!

before you start baking, turn the oven to 220degrees and leave it for 30 minuets to heat up.
i used a fast made spring roll pastry to cover up my pie.
oh , not to forget, it is recommended to cover up the pastry with a thin layer of eggs.
and make sure that the pie are all covered up with the pastry without any holes.ok?

the first time tasted fabulous!
i would like to try another recipes..could anyone give me any suggestions?

thanx atuk..
*atukku dipaksa untuk menunjukkan tumbs up!*
*evil grin*



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