Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cookies and Batik Runaway Project!

Ting tong! Its me again!
Warning : This event happened last two weeks ago.
*Cookies runaway project
*Batik Kraft

Cookies Runaway project _ On 10th of September 2008, our class been asked by Pn. Nik to made some cookies. We’ve been set up couple by couple to make the cookies. And unfortunately fortunately, my partner was Abuyah (~~,).

It was a funny experience when seeing the boys work in the kitchen. And Abuyah definitely make me dizzy as he always murmuring and babbling  while cooking. After the entire ingredient was ready, we started to make our own cookies. It was a Chocolate chips. A lot of shapes were formed by the ‘chefs’. Each couples competing and comparing their crazy shapes of cookies. Some of the cookies look like ‘KLCC’, some of them look like a ‘keropok lekor’.

The kitchen was so much noise with people shouting and laughing here and there . As a result, we were all get scolded by the lecturer. All in all, we done it very well and the taste were very damn delicious. Here are some pictures that I can share. Enjoy the pictures (^,^)


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