Sunday, August 17, 2008

Practical at Sekolah Desa Baiduri

>> Entry ni actually I want to post on Friday , which is the last day i finished my job there.
So sorry i post it a bit late. Hehe. So on that Friday actually i got so many love letters ( class relief la ).. I did enter 3 classes which is 5 Amal, 4 Ceria , 4 Bakti. I have to give a high credit to 5 Amal coz giving me a full commitment and a good collaboration for a new temporary teacher like me. hehe. Thanx also for the kids at 4 Ceria and 4 Bakti coz they did gave me a great welcome since i step over their classes. But I do feel a bit down at 4 Ceria coz several students was quit rude to me. Its ok, i understand thats its not easy being a teacher huh? Im lucky coz I will be a Primary School Teacher, not Secondary. Being the secondaries Teacher are quit though..

@ Here I come, 5 Amal - Encik Zakhiry asked me to help him to take care of his class @

@ This is the Exam Paper , which I ought to distributed done collected it back. It was a KH's exam for 5 Amal @

@ Hamboi korang ni, mentang2 cikgu neo sporting, korang dok bantai comic yer .. ~ @

@ I was marking the arts paper that time, Encik Dahlan asked me to help him to hentam saje the I did gave a lots of A's to the Arts Paper, untung budak2 ni dapat aku yang tande - hahaha ~ @

@ Look out! The scores are around 75 - 95 percent tau..Banyak dapat A..hehehe @

@ This is the Arts Paper that I'd marked, the marks was really hentam keromoh ~ @

@ Neo as a teacher? Just have to be , what i have to be ~I am done posting @

--> so do comments!:puteh_2:


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