Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bakti Siswa at Kampung Tanjung Pahang

Holla~ 23~Im back!

Bakti Siswa Trip? Hmm, its was a safe journey, Alhamdulillah tanx to Allah S.W.T. for keeping our journey to Tanjung Pahang smooth and steady without any inconvenience. It was a tiring journey as it took us 8 hours to get to Tanjung Pahang. Sitting on the seat along the 8 hours caused me back ache and my neck was crooked. We made several pit stop at some RnR to get some refreshment and rest.
As soon as we arrived at Kampung Tanjung Pahang, we were greeted by the residents with a great welcomed and nice smiles. I can tell you that we were all got very nervous after we knew that we will be separated and will be given to the adopted family. Hehe ~ its a relief when i knew that Kak Mai and I were set to be pairs for a family . I got a lovely new family as you can see the picture that I've updated. My adopted parents were a canteen operator who provide meals for the school pupils.
During the three days staying at Kampung Tanjung Pahang, there was not much activities. The main objective the program held was to give students the experience of new culture at the rural area. As for me, 3 days are not enough to give me a great memory of my adopted family cause I did not have enough time to know the culture and the tradition of the rural people .The first day I was busy with the tazkirah and activities at the madrasah. The next day I was busy with the gotong royong at the balai raya and help the villagers to prepare the dinner. And the last day, I had to go back to Kuala Lumpur.Thats was a simple word to conclude everything for three days.

Here are some pictures i could only share for my blog crews. I know yall waiting for those pictures. 27

* The morning we waited for the bus *

* This is my top crew : The top line is Hanis, Zack, Mimi, Gozai. Bottom line is Abu, Neo, Zu and Amal *

* Everybody, posed! *

* Its Mimie and me, with mamai face. Actually we were just after awoke from 2 hours slept during the long journey *

* Our firts PitStop at 'Perhentian Kuala Pilah'. I had my kuey teow hailam there. *

*Editted on 25/8/08*

*aksi 18sx*

* The dinner.. *

* My Family Angkat , starring : Kak Ngah, me, Kak Mai, Fifi, Ibu, Ayie and Abah . Tanx for Ibu and the rest of the family members for being very kind to me and Kak Mai . I appreciated all the deeds that they had given to me and Kak Mai *25* I will miss yall *

* This is the moment wheres we were all started to leave Tanjung Pahang and head back to Kuala Lumpur, 36My Lovely Hometown * Gudbye 17 *



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