Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ape Aku Nak Buat Harini?

>> Harini 16 / 8 / 08 kan?

Well i am 3 days late to submit the books i lend from the library..

I supposed to submit it on 14 / 8/ 08.
But Im so lazy to go to the campus . *Takde orang nak teman*:puteh_30:

Ape nak buat ek..kalau tak hanta kang kene charge plak..

With a brown shirt and jeans, i am ready to go to the library now..

After that i have to go to the Celcom Center, :puteh_16: bayar utang bil..


Actually i am worried about something,

My license is already dead since 31 May 2008.

But I still driving like shit everywhere..

Hmm..should i care? :puteh_10:

Lantakla..ini hardcore punyer orang..

*sebenarnye cuak gak* :puteh_4:

Okay lah, to the readers, pray for me for a safe journey..

I'll be back soon after submit the books..

And after paying my telephone bills at the Celcom Center.

With that, i leaves yall with full of loves in the buckets of my heart..

:puteh_27: ta - ta


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