Monday, July 21, 2008

Model as a career

Its a hot stuff over here ..Really hot like the 'pisang goreng' at cik timah stall.
Ha - ha
I was just thinking about what’s the next post that I should put for my new entry, and with a sudden, the title just pop out of my head...

MUST READ ~Just a simple story to share. Last month, I attended a gath with my x-schoolmate from SMTKK. I met a friend * which I don’t know him well, never talk with him, not really know him either * He was with his girlfriend that look very outstanding besides him. For all I knew, he really got famous during the gath because of his ‘model girlfriend’. I could tell you that he was very proud of her girlfriend as he told our friends about his girlfriend’s carrier. ‘She’ is a model. I was just like, “Hey, tell me. Is it something to be proud of having a model as a girlfriend?” Well, I don’t think so. In my point of view, I don’t want to have a model as a boyfriend. You know there’s million of reasons why everyone or anyone doesn’t want a model as a boyfriend. Maybe the main reason is – afraid of losing - . You yourself know that feelings when you see your love ones in a sins world. It just makes me sick. ~

So this is my quest for you, my dear lovely readers…
Do you have any girlfriend @ boyfriend? Lets say you have ones, and fortunately your GF / BF is a model..

1st - Would you be proud if your girlfriend / boyfriend is a model?
2nd - Would you encourages her/him to be in a model world?
3rd - What are you thinking? Would you take him/her as a wife/husband or just flirting around?

Nah..just three simple question for all the readers to judge..I have ~a lot~ of questions that flying around my head, but I think three of it is just enough. Lets hear your shout out on my comment box orait guys?
* aku tak paham kenape orang nak jadi model or bangge jadi model , and yang paling pelik y must the bf or gf to rase bangge teramat kalau partner dowg tu model? kalau aku ni buta tuli n salah cakap kat entry ni,tolong tepok aku bagi aku sedar *


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