Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bling for your teeth!

Pick any diamond..

And gives your teeth the bling - clink!

Hello everybody..Finally i got something interesting to share with yall..Just a few moment ago i watched 'WHI' @ Wanita Hari Ini. The main topic was teeth accessory!huhuuu...

Whats so interesting about teeth accessory??Hu..if you are a trendy person, why not try to put some *bling-bling* on your teeth?Just choose whatever colour of diamond that you wish for,and go for it! Im sure you guys will look very stylish and fashionable.:woooh:

From what i just read, this service is called dental jewelry. You can get the service at some medical clinic center that offers this service. It is not harmful as you can still brush your teeth or eat as usual.

It really looks stylish doesn't it?I just like to look at it, but doesn't feel like wanna try..Its kinda scary if you accidentally swallowed the beautiful diamond when you eat huh?I don't wanna get choked out!Ha - ha!:snow11:

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