Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pretend Sajalah.


Pretend that you never read my blog. Pretend that you never know who am I. Pretend that you never stalked me.
And act to be cool in front of me but deep inside..."eleh minah ni..."
Pretend and judge lah all you can because Im not that good also ok ?

Sometimes all you can know about someone is from their writing...
The words come genuinely from the heart you know !
But it okey, everyone has their own way to express themselves isnt it ?
So whats wrong with Blog?
Its just who I am. 

You know what is cool about blogging ? People can understand you better. 
Yelah, why not ? Sometimes when you try to explain to people about your situation, people tend to ignore...and even if they lend their ears, they never get to understand and feel it the same way as we feel it. Correct ? With blog, you read you process you digest you comment or else you just nod and talk to yourself. Ok lah tu !

Sometimes I really wish to be anonymous but since silampuneon is very widely known, (very lah sangat ok please puke now) its hard to reveal what is really going on with me. If I was an anonymous in this space, i will write far beyond everything ! People dont know you and you are free to write almost everything. Heh.. best kan ! 

But its sokey. 

Its okay to be real. Its okay to be visible.
But please, pretend sajalah you never read this. Hahaha...
9.32 AM : feeling lazy.


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