Saturday, June 09, 2012

Allah Knows Best.

I wish i can leave a good impact on you..but apparently things got way off from my thoughts. I know i am not a perfect person...and i am sorry that i did not nailed it...i am sorry that i leave a very bad impact, bad memories, bad impression, almost nothing good on you...I failed to be a person that can encourage you to be good, to be better. I thought i did well...hell i am wrong...Thats what i regret most..yeah..I cant hope anything on people anymore, the hope now is only on Allah...You know..that no matter what we do, we plan, we hope, we try, if we forget Allah..Allah will neglect us...Remember...before you have faith on people surround you...have faith on Allah. Trust Allah..and Allah will grant you beautiful life...insyaAllah.

Oh Allah, 
grant us pardon (ampuni kami),
have mercy upon us (kasihani kami), 
direct us to the path of righteousness(soleh),
and provide us sustenance(rezeki).

Mood : I wish to make everybody smile and happy if they are with me !  Heee..are you happy being my friend so far ? I am sorry if did any wrong to you guys..muahx.


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