Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bathing Sand For Small Pets.

Salam, harini saya nak kongsikan satu benda menarik tentang cara mandikan haiwan kecil. Contoh kat bawah ni saya ambil dari blog orang lain...huhu...teruja dan sangat cute tengok cara dia handle hamster dia...boleh tak kita guna kaedah sama untuk sugar glider ? entahlah..saya pun belum pernah cuba = P

Credit to : Hamsterrier Bath

When hamsters take bath, we do not need water we use bathing sand.

So everyweek, mama would put us in this small container with bathing sand while she cleans our house. The sand are really fine (like powder) and would then absorb any oil or water in our fur. Some hamsters are clever and would roll on their back to clean themselves. Others (e.g Bibi) would need the humans to help clean him by scooping the sand and pour on him

Meanwhile, our house would be wash clean, dried then filled with new bedding, tissue and food.

A clean Bibi back in his clean house checking out the food already.

My turn to be clean and I go into the sand box myself

Can you see me?


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