Monday, May 10, 2010

Malaysian Top Blogger Audition : A Call For Attention - Please Help Me Guys, I Cant Upload My Audition Video ; (

Please tolong aku, video audition tak boleh nak upload di Rummz!

Im so damn frustrated now, because I keep on failing to upload my Project Alpha Video at Rummz. Im hereby asking for your kindness to see if you can help me overcome my problem. I cant upload my video, its only 1.00 minute lenght, and the size is 5mb. How could it be not able to publish...

Heartbreak ! *crack*

Everybody is trying to give their hit on the Next Guest Blogger for Project Alpha Season 3...and so do I.! But, omg...the excitement is as competing in the Americans Next Tops Model you know! I think I am late enough to send my video... so I guess the chance to be one is negative.

Anyways ! I dont really want to be on the Big Screen, but I just wanted to try my luck only. Its pretty hot now at Rummz  because everybody is screaming their lungs out to be the Next Guest Blogger okay! 

So its gonna be such a hard - hard task to begs people to support and like your video. Haha and I call it mission impossible lah.But please, tolong aku .... camne aku nak masuk audition kalau video tak boleh upload ? Kalau korang boleh bantu aku...please let me know okay...

So sad... ;(  *crying*

My Project Alpha Video, I uploaded on video hosting...its cracked up. So ugly. It should be nice to see ~ so disappointing !

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