Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kes Buli Tahap Kritikal, Otak Pun Mental Je : Being Bullied Is Sux!

I am so damn frustrated! Hargh. I have been counting for this practical season to hit the stop button, but now it seems like the stop button have broken out. Someones has hit it with the bloody big axe perhaps. Few.!

Okay, to be truth, I hated to be here. I am done with a senior that happen to be my assistant at school. I am so sick of her! Please, don't let me see her bloody face even at the night market. Oh, im begging on my knees...

The thing is like this, Me and my friends are supposed to end our practical on this 30th of April, and we are so really sick of that school okay. We are so damn tired of being bullied by this particular senior. She has been such a nuisance to us ever-since our first day. What the hell with her? Somebody please make me understand.

Just now, we had a 30 minutes meeting and we were told that we have to do our internship project at the same school for another shit month.  What the hell, another bloody 4 weeks? 4 weeks would be like 4 years for me ! 

Dude, please don't get me wrong. I dont hate to serves for the school, I am all good , I truly am.  But I just sick of being bullied , it feels sux. I may a noob junior you ever know, and Im new for this school stuff...but what makes you better than me? Do I look like a super-duper idiot that knows nothing about kids and school?

Yes, I maybe am.

But do you know what seniors meant to be? They're meant to guide a newbie like us, and not simply smug and laugh to the new comers. You got that? F word for you, dude. It is really stinks to smell the smug on your face. Blargh.

Yeah, I know just what you gonna say to me. Grow up neo, don't be such a crybaby.  Boo me.

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