Monday, February 15, 2010

Giveaway Contest!

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Shiny baby.

Radiusite Enterprise. Such a unique and attractive name right? Actually this is a company that offer rare and unique shawls. For your information, I managed to find this blog myself  through Google service. By the time I entered, I was hypnotized with the trendy shawls they sell. For me, this blog does have a good content, sells good and quality materials and the cute owner always keep her blog up-to-dates. she cute? Really? Do check her facebook over here ;)

Oh anyways...I like Radiusite because this blog really helps me to keep my self alert with any new trendy shawls. I dont want to be out dated wearing the old same shawl after all. Even that I am just their silent readers, but I really like to track them always because the shawls is like woah! You gotta check this blog now, baby! Radiusite Is A Great ShopBlog Ever!

Ops, forgot to mention this, I really wanted that GC13 or GC11 item Cik Ika...Actually i wanted another one but I was too late ;( Haha, Thanx anyway!

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