Sunday, February 07, 2010

I Destroy All Advices With My Firegun. So What?

Unhappy. I understand that Im not being grateful with this great life that God has given me. I am not listening to advices and tend to throw advices in the trash box and burn it with my fire gun. Im a very bad-bad person. You shouldn't advice me this and that. I would never listen.

Happy. Im so envy with you. Im not like you, chill out with friends, pillow talks with your mother, talking about boyfriends or girlfriends with your father, celebrating your birthday party gracefully, no no no. I don't have that kind of life, and it is sux to explain mine. I just have nothing but a dull life.

But thruthfully, on top of having a sux life, I was happy with this person who I called a very best friend.Yes its you Im talking about. Thank you for always there through my ups and downs. You taught me about how life really goes, about all the goods and bad things in life, to always be rational in whatever action I takes, you comments and critics me at almost everything that I did. Yes, I was glad and proud having a friend like you. You make me think that : hey, life isnt that bad, huh.

But, have changed. The things that you always said to me, turns to be twisted with things you acted. I no longer trust you, like I trusted you before. That little light turns to be dark again. I am once more in that dark hole, hugging myself, alone crying. But thanks, anyway. Im glad that you fooled me. Because thats the best way to stole you, and to only be with you.

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