Sunday, February 07, 2010

Praktikal di SK Lelaki Jalan Batu !

Hey yall. Starting 1st February 2010, I will be busy for 3 months practical at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pendidikan Khas Jalan Batu (Batu Road School) , Kuala Lumpur. Yeah, I know that some of you might have seen this school. (look at the pic liao!)

I hope that 3 months will be going fast. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen later because this is the first time I will be hooking up with the public transport. I might be carpooling in the morning, but I will catch up the LRT and bus after school period. The journey is from Sultan Ismail LRT to Maluri LRT. And from Maluri LRT, I will be taking a bus to go home. Sad lorh. It must be tiring, with the school - teachers – and kids, lessons plan, public transports, and most of all is the jammed-packed! Cool down neo, you can do it.

My journey home from school-lrt station-bus stop...

Yes I will be cikgu nurul again. Like always, I will be assembling at the school hall singing Negara-ku on every morning, and will be teaching whatever subjects that they might give me. Preparing myself with that, I just bought stuffs that are necessary before I go to practical. Remember, red pen is a must! A big canvas bag to put all the school stuff, markers, manila cards, A4 papers and all. Basically, when practical hits me, I will be forking a lots of money on buying schools stuff, and this thing would make me pokai you know!

Hurm, my friend has told me that this school was a little bit rough. Not worry too much on the kids, but the teachers are pretty fussy. I am quite worried about it. So, I do have to prepare my mind before facing them. Fuhh, challenging siot.

Ok kids. From now on, I will be your silent readers. So please don't expect me to blog walks, comments, crazily like before. Let’s get to work work work, yall.

My lecturer has suggested me to take the English subject, its cool ;) 

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