Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gosh, My Lecturer Has A Power To Read People's Mind! This Is Trouble Man!

A few days ago I had a counseling class with this cool lecturer, Mr. Roslan. Honestly, I really like to be in his class because I got lots of motivations there. However, I do have one thing that I am not easy with. You want to know why?

He has got this capability to read people thoughts. Perhaps the long experienced in the counseling field has made him very wise on reading his student’s mind. This power that he has really made me feels in trouble, as I can’t play-play in his class for sure!

You know, he can look at a person and tell what is the inside story of him/her. Last time, he did label us just by the forms of our eyes. He dropped to each student to tell the type of eyes that the person has, and make his prediction on the person’s personality.

He managed to tell every student personality in my class but when he stopped by me, he has lost his words. I was kind of smug for a few second and assumed that he can’t read my mind. He probably has lost his word because the power of my eyes has blocked his black magic this time! Woah!

But then he said like this: Nurul, you ada mata yang erm..susah nak cakap, I tau ada mata macam you ni..jap..biar I recall..Ha, mata you ni mata-mata curiga. Kalau you pandang orang, you ada lapisan, lapisan tertentu untuk menapis kepercayaan antara you dan seseorang itu. Betul tak?

I was like in doubt, ayaa..really meh? I never thought that I have got eyes like that. Very suspicious kind of eyes la konon. Can’t you see that my eyes is actually sexier that Angelina Jolie’s blue eyes? You should have known that…!

At the back part of this, I was fighting against myself on what my lecturer has predicted on me. A part of me is 75% agreed, because I do draw big boundaries with people who I call friends or even my own family as well. Trustworthy for me is so hard to buy. ;(

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