Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why I Describe Myself As Neon Lamp?

People always ask me why I love to introduce myself as neo. Why neo and how did I got such a nick like that? It started with life in campus. I was known as nurul at first but then my friends had teased me with my name. They had called me with a lot of funny names such as noroll,newrules, neorul, neotto, and lastly they decided to call me neo which they think the simplest word they can call. After the chronologies of my name, I fall in love with neo and this nick have sticken with me for almost 4 years and now I’m used to it.

I have once told my mom about this cute name they gave me and my mom had a big laugh about it because she think neo as "nyiur" which orang tua - tua call it coconut tree. I was like, "mak, neo la bukan "nyiur". But my mom was not listening anyway. ; (

So what is up with neo si lampu neon? There’s not much different to compare words between neo and neon anyway. But the best thing to describe my life is I live like a neon lamp. I am a human that is always afraid to shine on in front of public, but I am glowing at my best if I work alone and that is pretty similar with a neon lamp that will not glitter in daylight, but it will shimmer with beauty at night. ; ) Plus, I can say that I adore night scenery that full with colorful neon lights which can draw smiles on my face. It’s cool and beautiful.

So, Im not a guy named neo from the Matrix Movie, I am not a satria neo, I am not  a great singer like Ne-Yo Xpax, and I am also not “nyiur” as my mother call me. I am just neo si lampu neon that loves to blip blip blip in the dark.

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