Monday, December 21, 2009

Menangis Dalam Cengkerang Senyap Sepi Gelap

I feels sick. I am breaking down like a broken glass and this feeling really kills. I tried to draw my fake smiles, but I end up looking down at my own feet and crying.Oh what a shame, i hate tears.

My breath is stuck, and it is difficults to breath. Breathing in the narrowed air, I happened to be sigh  in each seconds because it feels so damn relieving. But I ain't complaint much, because I understand that I lost something that is not belongs to me. So why should I feel this way? Please take this feelings away from me. Please.

I have told myself that there's no use to regret for what had happened.Be grateful, that is the best thing I should do instead of crying on the pillows. I had been given a chance to hold it once and now it is taken back from me. Because it wasnt mine anyway. It wasnt mine, so I guess I just have to let it go.

The lights that always brigthen up this tiny room has blacks out with a sudden. Im loosing my sights, i can hardly see, im blunt, im so lost. My hands shaking cold as Im afraid to be in the dark.Please turns on the light for me, please.

I want to scream out loud, but I only can shout lightly in this tiny shell i have been living. 

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