Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Program Pendidikan Khas Integrasi, Sekolah Taman Segar.

Gonna mish ya!

Hoorey! Its school holiday and its fasting month!

Was it a nightmare or the sweetest moment for this practicum? Hahaha. It’s hard for me to picture this to you. I die hard to achieved for 5 marks in that evaluation paper!! Lots of F words did came out from my silent mouth since my two other great practicum friends had got tons of straight 55555555555555555's in that shitty yellow paper - the paper whereas lecturers or teacher's trainer would give you marks lorh.

Lets forget about it. Theres nothing to lose for that very mark though, since I will end up be a teacher somehows. Nak kejar ke that Guru Cemerlang title? Heh, I could see that it was like WWF battles between my friends since everybody were fighting to get for it. I heard that some of my friends had a fought and cried, above this kind of war. A race of who gets the high marks during this practicum. Do I care about it? Hell no. =) Just feel damn relieves now after the lost of burden that had been on my head for the past of 2 months in SK Taman Segar.

Teacher : SKTS!! Students : Sedia!!! The funniest technique - or best to call the culture of SKTS , when students make up noises, teacher would shout "SKTS!!" to make sure that students alert with it or not. For those who hear the call, they would shout back, "SEDIA!!!" pssst.. I think it wouldn’t work that way for the SKTS's student. They still make noises even the teacher shout until throat comes out. In fact, I myself silently laugh whenever I heard this alert call. Keh keh keh. Guna technique lain la cikgu~~

How I wish to work already, I can go - yang kaki like the typical teachers always do, take a short nap during school's end, and punch out on 1.10 pm earlier ~ =)

NO, no, no I don’t want to be a typical teacher. I want to be more than that. I hope so. Its just that I cant bear my self to face another long practicum ahead. Study?? Assignments ?? Both make me really stressful. Again and again, I have to listen to the big speakers that always tell me to do this and that, and after I finished and pass up my work, they would tell me to do it all over again. My heads is pain now, please more homework..k?

Im in love..=)

Love for me to recaps that, " I love my special kids ". The kids are the reason i can still make my works adequately. They love their teachers so much and they show it by giving kisses and hugs. I laugh and smile everyday, at home and everywhere whenever I remember about their actions in my class. Sometimes they acted very clever but in the very funniest way. Oh, they also like to hear music as much as I do! I take advantage to play the kid's song in my class. They jumped and clapped hands to show that they really love it. Wee~

In the nut shell, I hope my skills of being a special education's teacher would be increased now. I will learn from my mistakes, that not to put high expectations on the special kids. Dont be gila kuasa - as what my lecture had said to me, by planning too many activities in a row because special kids isn’t like normal kids. They are totally special.

In memory..=)

see ya next time kids =)

p dot ass : puase jangan tak puase ye!!aih..tak kisah la with the spelling errors or bad grammars kan?

Ikhlas dari kepala ke lutut, neo si lampu neon.

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