Tuesday, May 05, 2009

DCHL not for me!

This is just another lame story that happened to me previously when im at SKDAB.
There was a teacher name Kak Mona (it isn’t a real name)
She asked me to join this kind of business.
I was so sluggish that I could not even sense or predict what the business was till she snared me to go to a place. I forgot already what the place has called but it’s located behind the Pavilion.
I was with my daily partner *Abu*. He accompanied me to go there and have a look of what Kak Mona had planned for us. I didn’t care whether he wanted to follow me or not, I just dragged him along so it could be more secured.
As soon as we get there, we were greeted by SK. A nice looking face, Chinese man, in age around of 28, big size body, and he was wearing a pretty clean - nice – expensive - untouchable coat.
Damned I thought Kak Mona want to sell us to this man. I was like damned terrified I tell u.
Haha, SK silently noticed that I was quit frantic a bout the meeting. So he tried to calm me down and tell me all about the good things in his business and how luxurious his company looks.
Bla 3x.
He tried to seduce me here and there by telling me how enormous his life is with 15k of salary per month.
In actual fact, the company’s name is DCHL. – I think some of you might heard it or some might not – But based on what SK had told me, it’s a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business that required an agent to search 6 or more people to join under the him/her. The high rank peoples would get higher percentage of earnings. – I don’t know la, how to explain all these kind of shitty shit. You explain for me okay -
Nah, he should have known that im not interested in the business at the first time I step into the building because all of his talks was just ineffective for me.
I didn’t trust any word that came out from his mouth ever since he not telling me his real name. I did ask him before, - about his real name- but then he kept on diverted about it. He said that if he tell me his real name, I could not pronounce it correctly, so better call him SK only. Da~ I even asked him for his identity card liao! No response available okay.
Later on, the meeting goes very insipidly, where I just can’t stand my self to extend his talks. I don’t even paid attention at all. My brain was just in the air and it really was an awful idea for me to let myself followed Kak Mona. – I wish I could just go back home and gentled with my silky-smooth bed!
About 2 hours after I heard all the brainless things SK told me, I taunted myself to stop him and said: “Sorry I think I got to go now. I call you back if Im interested in this okay.” Its means, Never ever ever and ever , and ofcos no-way!
We exchanged phone numbers.
I swiftly took my step and blah with no turning back.
Just for you to know, the car park had cost me 7 bucks! Argh!
And for my lovely Kak Mona, no more spend time for you! Wasting time, money and my sleep hour!

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