Thursday, May 14, 2009

Absolutely private!

*let me have my privacy, stop stalking me, u idiot *

Peeps keep asking me since two weeks back about "my private blog" issue. There's a problem, of cos. I don't private my blog without a purpose. Things always happened for a reason right? You wanna know why? I don't feel free writing in public when "those people" always talks behind me. Those 'moron' people. Very narrow minded. Always criticize people negatively, as though they are very perfect.Well, yeah. I know they hate me. I know they hate to read my writings. But why they still bother to be my readers and without failed, they still come here everyday ? You tell me.

"You think im gonna stop blogging after all you guys tried to harassed me? You are dealing with a wrong person lah wei. You takde life, then you want to disturb others. Hey, i have my own reasons for blogging okay. I dont need your agreement of what to write in my blog sphere." Switching my blog into private would never satisfy me. I hate to make such decision that i wouldn't like at all. Unfortunately, i have to. I guess those people which i called "my loyal silent readers" will be frustrated with this post. After this they cant get into my blog and spread rumors like they always do. Anyways, if you ever wanted to be a friend of mine, just hit this post back with your email address.


dush!never give up blogging!Ignore the harassment ,they are just stupid.*if you don't have a blog account, go get one la, stop harassing people's life*


aku taktau la post ni gimik ke ape, tapi aku masih berkira-kira. mental aku tak stabil dengan orang macam ni. sebab aku tak kacau life orang, but still people want to kacau me.*sigh* if only aku kuat dari segi mental, aku takkan private punya. dan, buat apa nak tunjuk aku lemah pun.?


Okay now tell me,private or public?


lepak dulu lah. ha-ha

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