Friday, July 11, 2008


As you all know, I have got a bad fever on last Monday.
Its really a bad fever indeed.
My temperature is about 38 degrees and I got irritated by a bad cough.
I got 2 days M.C but I’m still not turn outs well yet.
With the 2 days M.C, I did not attend my classes for 2 days.
Yesterday, I forced myself to go to the campus..
Unfortunately, I feel like shit as my body not yet recovered from the fever...
Today is Friday. I decided not to go for any classes..
What I know is..
My body feels very weak..
My whole body is sweating with the cold sweats...
My head is dizzy, I cant stand for long moment..
And I still haven’t recovered from the cough. Its really killing my throats..

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