Saturday, May 31, 2008

Today is not my day.. is not my day ma...

Have a Nice Day


...thats the only word that i could say...i have been outside the house about 2 hours..Actually i just get back from my friend's wed at Sepang. I arrived about 4.45pm, and realized that no one were at home..i tried to sneaked in the house like i owis did, but i couldn't get in..unfortunately, my hand phone was out of battery..yeah..thats great..
The next thing is, i walked to the public phone nearer the house, but damn it..the public phone was broken..i decided to walked and walked to find another public phone..and i made a S>O>S called..I told my along (elder bro) that i already at home but i cant get in. My along asked me to wait until they come back the way, thats the only choice that i have as we don't have any spare keys at home..With broken heart, i went back home..
After that, i felt very sleepy and hungry and tried to calmed myself down..i ate the kerepek which i get it from my friend's wed, and fall asleep at the corridor on my grandpa's chair..Bengang, thats what i felt..because i don't felt any comfort when i sitting on the 'kerusi malas'..In addition, it made me feel pain at the spine..So,i waited..and waited..until time turned to 6.30p.m..
I finally felt reliefs only when i heard my younger brother's voice..i woke up with the 'bengang face', and wait until sombody open the door..while waiting, i heard that my father teased me like this "haha..padan muke" know what..shit man.
As a result..i lock myself in my room from that hour till late nite..i let myself be in hungry and angry...hehheh...(poyo)...Not a big deal anyway..(serves me right) =p

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