Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sahabat yang hilang

Never Forget

How can i start writing, when my hand doesn't feel wanna type???Okay.. i just wanna write a lil' bit about a friend of mine..
Actually i have a good friend..a girlfriend who are really kindhearted, nice, lovely, and has a good brain..i enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with her because i found out that her interest mostly equalize like me..
We've been friend about 4 years since i entered IPIK..she was so nice and happy - go -lucky kind of person..but when times goes by..i realize that something wrong about her that make me changed my mind about all the things i ever thought about her..
Today, she's not the person like I'd known before..she is totally changed..i can say that she changed because of cultural shock..she comes from village and you know..never see how the KL stuffs..and she got pretty excited about it..
I don't mind if she thinks that living in KL hood might be more enjoyful than living in a village..i admit that too.Too much fun here until you just got dizzy with it..i leave here..grown up here..but i don't like the social life's here..and i don't like hanging around the town too..because I'm a person who likes to enjoy myself at home is heaven for me..
But not for her...she starts hating her own hometown..she doesn't like to go back the her hometown because she found that KL is more damned interesting..she even told me that at she got nothing to do if she get back to her hometown..she also stated that her parents are too bossy and like to kept her at home..she feels not free and frustrated..
Anyways..time after times..her attitude really makes me bounce of the wall..i really got irritated by her..i don't mind being her friend because i know she doesn't have any others, but i really don't like people changed like the way she had changed..its kind of negatives way i could tell you..
I know that i shouldn't be too much busybody about her lifestyle..i should mind my own business..but i tell you..i cant stop thinking why she's changed like this..i feel sad and i think I've lost a friend. Such a nice friend indeed.

notes: maybe i just leave her alone and let she decides what the best for her life..


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